Purchasing Contracts

Greenbush Procurement

Q: What is Greenbush?

A: The Cooperative Purchasing program began in September 1976 at the Southeast Kansas Regional Educational Service Center located in Erie, KS and was one of the three original programs. Since that time, our department also known as Purchasing/Procurement has assisted school districts in reducing the cost of educational resources through cost-effective, cooperative purchasing. By utilizing pre-bid contracts, Kansas and Missouri school districts have the ability to utilize approved contracts and vendors while taking advantage of having the cumbersome bidding process completed. Pre-bid contracts meet all current Kansas and Missouri bid law requirements.

Services Greenbush offers

Greenbush Procurement/Cooperative Purchasing services include pre-bid national contracts through Greenbush’s membership in the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA), pre-bid statewide, regional, and line-item contracts, and negotiated pricing through corporate business partnerships.

Q: Who can use Greenbush?

A: Public and Private Schools, City, County, and State Government, Colleges, Universities, Post-secondary institutions, and Some non-profit organizations

Q: Why use Greenbush?

A: Save time, and save money! All Greenbush contracts have been competitively bid, and meet all current Kansas and Missouri bid law requirements.